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People always talk about Jensen’s crying (which don’t get me wrong, is the most beautiful man cry I have ever seen and Misha is able to show such sorrow without actually shedding a tear) why does no one praise Jared’s? His crying is so unique because it has such a…boyish look to it. For being as big as he is, Jared has a way of appearing like an 8 year old child with a mere change of expression. He cries like a small boy whose puppy just got hit by a car and killed or a kid who lost a parent, or a kid whose house burned down. For a grown man whose 29, for him to capture such innocent and childish expressions never ceases to amaze me. Let it be his puppy dog eyes or his tears, Jared just…his emotions come through so innocent and raw. It’s beautiful. I don’t understand how people can say he is a bad actor.

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